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Appetizers Please  
over 100 people $16.00 per person
50-99  $18.00
20-49 $22.00


Includes punch, sweetened and unsweetened tea, all disposable dinnerware, plate, forks, knives napkins, cups and Ice. 
This a make and drop!

Travel pricing may be additonal 
Staff is
Meal on pretty dishes. 
We will make arrangements to get the equipment back to us.


Basics - Pick as many as you like

Mini Ham Sandwiches.jpg

1) Assortment of meats on Sweet Potato Biscuits-

 chicken salad, ham, turkey 

2)Cocktail franks in BBQ sauce or wrap in crecents or Meatballs.

3)Pasta salad  

with veggies in a light sundried tomato dressing.

4) Fruit-Veggies-Cheese tray

     with crackers

5) Sweet Tea & Unsweet Tea - Water 

Add $1.95 each per person for:

Fruit cheese veggie platter.jpg
deviled eggs.jpg

Swedish meatballs

Veggie tray

Brownies & cookies

Cakes & pies

Chocolate strawberries

Holiday cookies

Deviled Eggs

 (seafood is market price) 

Crab balls

Crab dip


Shrimp scampi

Shrimp marinara 

Shrimp cocktail

Fried oysters

Oysters Rockefeller

Oysters on the half shell

Please add 6% sales tax unless your organization is tax-exempt.

Please contact us at 
443-783-2486 to place your order.  

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