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Smith Island Cake Flavors
All Regular Cakes $45 .00
Cakes with Fruit $55.00
Turn your Smith Island Cake into mini appetizers add $10.00 per cake

Traditional "Original" Chocolate Yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

Banana Banana cake with cream cheese frosting.

Strawberry Yellow cake and strawberries with fluffy pudding frosting.

Double Orange Orange cake with orange icing.

Orange Orange cake with cream cheese frosting.

Wet Coconut Yellow cake with homemade white icing.

Dry Coconut Yellow cake with homemade cream cheese frosting.

Double Chocolate Rich chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

Chocolate Reese's Yellow cake with chocolate frosting and Reese's peanut butter cups.

Pumpkin (seasonal) Pumpkin Spice cake with cream cheese frosting.

Banana Walnut Yellow cake with black walnuts and bananas with cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate Walnut Yellow cake with homemade chocolate frosting topped with black walnuts.

Chocolate Milky Way Yellow cake with chocolate frosting and sliced Milky Way candy bars.

Chocolate Snickers Bar Chocolate cake with chocolate icing and sliced Snickers candy bars.

Chocolate Oreo Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and crumbled Oreo cookies.

German Chocolate German Chocolate cake with coconut and pecan frosting.

Pineapple Yellow cake with crushed pineapple frosting.

Strawberry Banana Yellow cake with bananas and strawberries and cream cheese frosting.

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