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Smith Island Cake

Maryland's State Cake Nine thin layers of moist sponge cake with luscious frosting between each layer. All cakes are locally home-made from scratch using only the freshest ingredients. Best Smith Island cake on the Eastern Shore. 8-inch cake serves 20.


Flavors: Traditional "Original" Chocolate - Banana        Strawberry - Double Orange - Orange - Wet Coconut         

Dry Coconut - Double Chocolate -Chocolate Reese's- Pumpkin        Banana Walnut - Chocolate Walnut - Chocolate Milky Way        Chocolate Snickers Bar -  Chocolate Oreo - German Chocolate        Pineapple - Strawberry Banana       

Smith Island Cake Hors d'oeuvres

Billie creatively designs and arranges your choice of Smith Island cakes to be served as individual bite sized servings. Wonderful as appetizers as well as dessert. Choose any of the above assorted varieties. 8-inch cake serves 30.


Flavors: Traditional "Original" Chocolate - Banana - Strawberry        Double Orange - Orange - Wet Coconut - Dry Coconut         Double Chocolate - Chocolate Reese's - Pumpkin - Banana Walnut  Chocolate Walnut - Chocolate Milky Way - Chocolate Snickers Bar  Chocolate Oreo - German Chocolate - Pineapple  -Strawberry Banana       

Bar Desserts Selection

A scrumptious selection of homemade bar desserts including lemon bars, chocolate brownies, cheesecake brownies and Blondies.

Medium serves 45 for $59.95      Large  serves 25 for $62.55     Small serves 15 for $41.25        


Bite Size Sweets

Gourmet selection of mini black bottom cupcakes, mini fruit tarts, mini fudge brownies, mini mint brownies, and bite sized cookies.

Medium serves 45 for $59.95       Large serves 25 for $62.55     Small serves 15 for $41.25        


Caramel Apple Pie

Sliced Granny Smith apples in a homemade pie filling, with just the right amount of cinnamon and brown sugar, baked into a butter crust and topped with a rich caramel sauce.

12-inch Pie | $15.95 each

Rice Crispy Squares

A nostalgic flash back to a childhood favorite all grown up by dipped in chocolate. Always delicious.

Large serves 45 for $54.56         Medium serves 25 for $27.94  Small serves 15 for $22.62             


Chocolate-dipped Strawberries

Fresh strawberries dipped into a creamy, rich dark or white chocolate. Minimum 10 Guests $2.65 per person

Delightful Dessert Buffet

Miniature chocolate éclairs, custard cream puffs, miniature cheesecakes and fresh fruit tarts with Seasonal Fruits topped with an apricot glaze.

Large serves 45 for $150.39         Medium serves 25 for $83.84  Small serves 15 for $50.57       


Gourmet Carrot Cake

Three layers of moist cake loaded with tender shredded carrots, pecans and crushed pineapple with cream cheese frosting and garnished with pecans. Serves 15.

10-inch Cake | $39.95 each


Gourmet Turtle Cheesecake

Classic fudge-filled cheesecake topped with caramel and pecans.
Serves 15.

14-inch Cake | $75 each

Key Lime Island Pie

Refreshing original Florida Key Lime Pie using real key lime juice and a graham cracker crust and finished with a layer of whipped cream piping.

9-inch Pie | $19.95 each

Scream for Ice Cream

Assortment of individual frozen ice cream novelty bars.

$2.95 per person

Lower Shore Parfait

Granola layered with fresh berries and vanilla yogurt layered with ripe strawberries and blueberries.

$3.95 per person

Somerset Candy Store

Assortment of candy bars including Hershey's bars, Kit Kat, Reese's Pieces, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, cookies, jelly beans and much more. Minimum 10 Guests $3.95 per person

English Tea Cookies

Gourmet assortment of sugar cookies, pecan shortbread, fig cookies, almond macaroons, chocolate chip, and biscotti.

Large serves 45 for $121.11         Medium serves 25 for $67.87  Small serves 15 for $42.58        

Shortcake Bar

Make your own shortcake. Homemade sponge cake, and sliced vanilla bean pound cake served with sweetened strawberries, blueberries, peaches and whipped cream.

$6.33 per person

Sundae Bar

Vanilla bean and Chocolate ice cream, Fresh bananas, Chocolate Sauce, Carmel Sauce, Strawberry Topping, Chopped nuts, Whipped Cream, Cherries, Chocolate Brownies.

$9.95 per person

New York Style Cheesecake

Silky smooth, melt in your mouth, creamy cheese cake. Serves 16.


Flavors: Traditional - Strawberry Topping - Cherry Topping        Pineapple Topping - Chocolate       

Please add 6% sales tax unless your organization is tax-exempt.

Please contact us at 

443-783-2486 or (410) 968-0333 to place your order.  

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